Thursday, September 17, 2009

the reasons why

I started this post a few weeks ago. Hasn't gotten finished until today.

Ahh, here sits my lonely computer. It's missing me. See the mess all around it? The MESS is constantly calling me...Pick me up. Organize me. Make things all better in the kitchen. I hear these things. I swear I do. See the open calendar there? It's begging me to cross something off. Pleading really. And sadly, blogging isn't on my calendar. I'm about ready to put it on there. For real.

Welcome to my new life.

I love it. I really do. But my life + blogging doesn't really add up nicely together right now. Thus the reason for my hiatus. See, funny thing is that I had tons of time to spend on my blog while waiting for Caleb but nothing really to write about b/c life seemed to just stand still. Now I have tons of really great Caleb-stuff to write about and little time to do it.

Other than the voices I hear calling me in the kitchen, this is what's been getting in the way of my leisure time on bloggerland...
A house full of things to do and what is seeming like less and less time to do them. More specifically, a house full of random cars, trucks, planes, and trains to welcome you as you walk in our front door...
And hidden in every corner of every room. Really. Not exaggerating here...

Oh, wait { } insert cute pic of Caleb here to remind me that all of those random car messes have been lovingly placed there by one loved boy!

Of course, I have a system that would take care of all of the random cars lying around throughout the house. There is a designated basket for anything with wheels. Here it is on a good day. Full.
It generally doesn't look like this. It's usually nearly empty and the floor of our house is littered w/cars. I'm telling's a miracle none of us have broken a leg. Plenty of stubbed toes. No broken bones. Yet.

On to beds. Never made.

And one of the main reasons they are never made is b/c when I actually attempt to make them, I generally get side-tracked by laundry.
And to make every little detail in my life take just a few minutes longer...Caleb has apparently decided that his laundry basket would be a good bookshelf. Mind you, the actual bookshelf and book basket (TWO systems in place, TWO!!) are just inches away from his laundry basket. But he seems to think that his books fit nicely in his laundry basket. Cute, huh? Maybe cute in 10 years for me. Not now.

Then, the never ending saga of the school books...
They are everywhere in this house. The stairs, the couch, the kitchen table, my bedroom, my closet, everywhere. Well, everywhere except on a school desk.

The kitchen. Need I say more?
It is a never ending "to do" list for me. I'm not sure that will ever change. As soon as I call it done in there the battle begins all over again. Good thing I like my kitchen because I spend the majority of my day in it. One of my "I'm gonna do this if it kills me" goals of each day is to have dinner ready when Andy walks in the door. And then he cleans it up! Well, he and the kids. They all have a cleaning party after dinner and I get a few minutes on my computer w/out interruption. Good thing/Bad thing: They have such a good system going on that they're done way before I'd like. I'm not complaining. I'm just not blogging as much b/c of it!

The basement. I dare go down there. More of the same.
However, there is one small space down there that is making me smile. Ahhh...all organized. Gives me hope.
And a random fact for today...
As I was standing in the kitchen deciding which task to tackle first, Anna pops up in front of me and says, "Mom, this is how many pages I've read since August." Because, bless her heart, she's keeping track of how many pages she's read, not how many books. Because, you know, a book might be 100 pages or it could be 300 pages and who would want to know that you just read two books. It is MUCH better to know how many pages. Isn't it? Yes, Anna. In some weird sort of way, I get ya. It's a system. And I like it. And such is my life right now. Doesn't leave much time for significant blogging.