Sunday, March 21, 2010

i don't want my kids to be happy

Ok, I know this is yet another "go read someone else's blog" post. But I have to do it again. Because it's that good.

You must read this. Because it's good. And true.

It's about a fairly common thought/concern/question that quite a few people bring up when discussing adoption. It's the "what about college" question. Well, to be quite honest w/you...Andy and I have asked ourselves that exact same question more than once over the past 12 years. Adoption or not. One kid. Or four. And my thoughts have always been pretty much what Missy so clearly writes on her blog "It's almost nap time."

Hope you enjoy the perspective as much as I do.


Holly said...

I read that before and thought about linking to it on my own blog! Loved it! I JUST saw your son Caleb in his referral picture and had a lightbulb moment!! I prayed for that little boy on AGCI's list!! And YOU were my answer to prayer!! How Amazing is our God?
You never joined the AGCI Waiting China parents listserv, so I didn't get to know you during your journey!
I emailed you about using WACAP for a second adoption. Anyway...I love seeing God's handiwork!
Holly- Purpose Driven Family

Amanda said...

Oh I Love this Post. Many have asked us that very question recently and I've not been eloquent enough to respond in with such a complete answer. Thank you for posting this.